About Us

Our reputation is critical to our success. We are recognized for our transparent approach, integrity, and depth of experience in developing strategic alliances to create sustainable commercial real estate plans for our clients.

Through our deep connections and collaborations with industry professionals, we have the capacity to activate a strategic real estate program that brings a diverse field of industry experts together to maximize value to our clients throughout the real estate research, marketing, transaction, and development process. Our project partners are locally based firms, including minority and women owned, with a national reach who share our values that maintaining a strong community in Portland is incredibly important.

We are confident in our team’s comprehensive market knowledge to guide our clients in making informed real estate decisions with a positive impact on their bottom line.

Apex has cultivated excellent relationships within the Pacific Northwest’s landlord, developer, tenant, and brokerage communities, facilitating our in-depth understanding of the local commercial market. Our goal is to develop client partnerships – long-term strategic alliances, activating our creativity and broad market knowledge to find the best solution for our clients, every time.

We believe that creativity is a competitive edge, and a valuable workplace skill that flourishes within a diverse environment. Informed through multiple perspectives, creativity is elevated at Apex across many platforms, including a market knowledge built over decades of involvement in commercial real estate, an engaged network of industry leaders and long-term collaborators from within the community. It is within this environment, reinforced by long-term, local relationships and infused with industry insight and expertise that Apex brokers transition opportunities into effective solutions and successful outcomes.

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